ABSc Courses

Title Course Code Level Semesters Offered Course Outline
Introduction to the Agrifood Systems AGR*1110 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon agr_1110_f19_approved_outline.pdf
Animal Production Systems and Industry AGR*2350 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon agr_2350_f20_wood.pdf
Special Topics in Agriculture Science II AGR*4010 Undergraduate Fall, Winter, Summer PDF icon agr_4010_w21_robinson.pdf
Animal Care & Welfare ANSC*1210 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_1210_w21_bergeron_harlander.pdf
Horse Management Science ANSC*2330 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc2330_f18_horse_management_science_course_outline_pearson.pdf
Structure of Farm Animals ANSC*2340 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_2340_v2_w21_mandell.pdf
Structure of Farm Animals - DE ANSC*2340 DE Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_2340_de_f19_mandell.pdf
Animal Reproduction ANSC*3040 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_3040_w21_ribeiro.pdf
Aquaculture: Advanced Issues ANSC*3050 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_3050_f20_huyben.pdf
Agricultural Animal Physiology ANSC*3080 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_3080_f20_bedecarrats_v2.pdf
Principles of Animal Behaviour ANSC*3090 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_3090_f20_mason.pdf
Introduction to Animal Nutrition ANSC*3120 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_3120_f20_mandell_v2.pdf
Nutrition of Fish and Crustacea ANSC*3170 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_3170_w21_bureau.pdf
Wildlife Nutrition ANSC*3180 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_3180_w21_templeman.pdf
Animal Disorders ANSC*3270 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_3270_w21_karrow.pdf
Animal Welfare Judging and Evaluation ANSC*4010 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4010_f19_widowski.pdf
Biotechnology in Animal Science ANSC*4050 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4050_f20_li.pdf
Applied Animal Behaviour ANSC*4090 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4090_v2_w21_widowski.pdf
Applied Environmental Physiology & Animal Housing ANSC*4100 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4100_w21_osborne.pdf
Challenges and Opportunities in Dairy Cattle Production ANSC*4230 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4230_f20_devries.pdf
Beef Cattle Nutrition ANSC*4260 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4260_w21_wood.pdf
Dairy Cattle Nutrition ANSC*4270 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4270_f20_steele.pdf
Poultry Nutrition ANSC*4280 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4280_f20_kiarie_v2.pdf
Swine Nutrition ANSC*4290 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4290_f20_huber.pdf
Experiments in Animal Biology ANSC*4350 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4350_w21_squires.pdf
Animal Metabolism ANSC*4470 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4470_w19_course_outline.pdf
Applied Endocrinology ANSC*4490 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4490_w21_squires.pdf
Pet Nutrition ANSC*4560 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon ansc_4560_f20_shoveller.pdf
Critical Analysis in Animal Science ANSC*4610 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4610_w21_fan.pdf
Comparative Immunology ANSC*4650 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon ansc_4650_w21_karrow.pdf
Research in Animal Biology I ANSC*4700 Undergraduate Fall, Winter PDF icon ansc_4700_f20_li_v2.pdf
Research in Animal Biology II ANSC*4710 Undergraduate Fall, Winter PDF icon ansc_4710_f20_li.pdf
Biology of Plants & Animals in Managed Ecosystems BIOL*1050 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon biol_1050_f19_approved_outline.pdf
Introduction to Equine Management EQN*1010 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_1010_f20_merkies.pdf
Equine Anatomy & Physiology EQN*2040 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_2040_w21_pearson.pdf
Intro to Equine Nutrition EQN*2050 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_2050_w21_huber_cargofroom_garland.pdf
Equine Event Management I EQN*2060 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_2060_f19_merkies.pdf
Equine Event Management II EQN*2070 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_2070_c01_w20_merkies_approved.pdf
Equine Event Management EQN*2080 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_2080_f20_merkies.pdf
Equine Facility Management and Design EQN*2150 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_2150_w21_bergeron.pdf
Equine Industry Trends and Issues I EQN*2200 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_2200_f20_bergeron_v2.pdf
Equine Field Course EQN*2500 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_2500_f19_pearsonshoveller.pdf
Equine Exercise Physiology EQN*3050 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn3050_w19.pdf
Equine Reproduction EQN*3060 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_3060_w21_merkies.pdf
Equine Health Management EQN*3070 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_3070_w21_cribb.pdf
Equine Exercise Physiology Lab EQN*3150 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn3150_w19.pdf
Equine Excercise Physiology EQN*3250 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_3250_f20_pearson.pdf
Equine Integrated Project EQN*3500 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon w18_eqn3500_course_outline_official.pdf
Advanced Equine Nutrition EQN*4020 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon eqn_4020_w21_shoveller.pdf
Equine Industry Trends and Issues II EQN*4400 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_4400_f20_physick-sheard.pdf
Equine Integrated Project EQN*4500 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon eqn_4500_f20_merkies.pdf
Plant & Animal Genetics MBG*2400 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon mbg_2400_f20_robinson.pdf
Quantitative Genetics MBG*3060 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon mbg_3060_w21_robinson.pdf
Quantitative Genetics - DE MBG*3060 DE Undergraduate Winter PDF icon mbg_3060de_w18_course_outline.pdf
Genetics of Companion Animals MBG*4020 Undergraduate Fall PDF icon mbg_4020_f20_robinson.pdf
Animal Breeding Methods and Applications MBG*4030 Undergraduate Winter PDF icon mbg_4030_w21_baes.pdf