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Cover of OAC Digital Viewbook

OAC Releases Inaugural Graduate Studies Viewbook

OAC has released it's first-ever Graduate Studies Digital Viewbook which showcases all of the outstanding graduate programs offered within the College. Information related to Animal Biosciences MSc and PhD programs can be found on page 17, including a spotlight on recent M.Sc graduate Natalie Asaro who is now a Nutrition Manager at Petcurean Pet Nutrition.

The viewbook can be found at:

Gabby's Farm

Prof. Andy Robinson Featured on TVOKids

 ABSc Prof. Andy Robinson and his donkey farm were recently featured on the TVOKids agricultural series "Gabby's Farm".

The show follows 6-year old Gabby as she takes a closer look at life on her family farm as well as other farms in Ontario. In "Donkeys", Gabby traveled to Robinson's farm where she learned all about miniature donkeys including how to groom them and of course, feed them treats!

Upcoming restart of all ABSc Linux servers

On Nov. 9th from 9 am to 5 pm, all of our departmental servers have to be physically relocated within the data center to accommodate a larger renovation project that CCS is undertaking in that space.  This means that ALL of our servers will need to be powered down, disconnected, moved, and reconnected before being turned back on.  During this time there will be no availability to our servers.  The services that will be down are:

Prof. Marcio Duarte

New Meat Science and Muscle Biology Prof

The Department of Animal Biosciences is pleased to welcome Dr. Marcio Duarte as a new assistant professor in meat science and muscle biology. His official start date was October 18, 2021.

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