Forms and/or Files


Adjunct Faculty Status Request for Consideration of ---> File adjunct_faculty_consideration.docx
Adjunct Faculty Appointments - Provost's guidelines ---> PDF icon adjunct_faculty_appointments_-_provosts_guidelines.pdf
University Professor Emeritus Nomination Form ---> PDF icon university_professor_emeritus_nomination_form.pdf
Study Reserach Leave guidelines ---> File study_reserach_leave_guidelines.docx
Study/research leave application ---> File study_research_leave_request_form.docx
University Professor Emeritus Guidelines ---> File university_professor_emeritus_guidelines.docx


Non-Competitive Procurement Justification ---> File ff020.0501_non-competitive_procurement_justification_april_2_2018_1.docx
PDR Authorization Form ---> PDF icon pdr.pdf
Shipping Label (within Canada_non-dangerous goods) ---> File for_shipping_within_canada_non-dangerous_shipping_label.docx
Petty Cash Voucher ---> Office spreadsheet icon petty.xls
General Purpose Research (GPR) Guidelines and Procedures ---> File gpr_guidelines_and_procedures_final_-_march2019.docx
Purchase Requisition Form ---> PDF icon purchase_recquisition.pdf
Travel & Expense Claim ---> Travel & Expense Claims
ABSC Expense Guidelines ---> PDF icon absc_expense_guidelines_5_2019.pdf
Biohazard Domestic Purchase Approval Form ---> PDF icon biohazard_domestic_purchase_approval_-_fillable_pdf_2021.pdf
Shipping Dangerous Goods-Contact Information ---> PDF icon dangerous_goods_mailroom_shipping_contact_info_jan2024.pdf
Biohazard Import Export Approval Form ---> PDF icon biohazard_import_export_approval_form_-fillable_dec_2020.pdf
Blank Gift Card Receipt ---> PDF icon blank_gift_card_receipt.pdf
Instructions on submitting a Travel and Business Expense claim (Prepared by ECS) ---> PDF icon instruction_submitting_a_travel_and_business_expense_claim_prepared_by_ecs.pdf
Radioisotope Purchase Requisition ---> PDF icon radioisotope-form_fillable.pdf


2024 Holiday Schedule ---> PDF icon 2024.01.08_-_paid_holidays_2024.pdf
Information Required for International Visitors Requiring a Work Permit ---> PDF icon information_required_for_international_visitors_requiring_a_work_permit.pdf
Information Required for Payroll Appointments ---> PDF icon payroll_appt_form_updated_sept_2023_-_new_with_updated_links_template.pdf
2024 Personal Tax Credit Return Federal – TD1 ---> PDF icon td1-fill-24e.pdf
Substitute Public Holiday Form ---> PDF icon substitute_public_holiday_form.pdf
2024 Personal Tax Credits Return Provincial – TD1ON ---> PDF icon td1on-fill-24e.pdf
Timesheet ---> PDF icon timesheet.pdf
Timesheet Guidelines for "Hours Worked" Submission ---> PDF icon timesheet_submission_guidelines_2021.pdf
Work Study Confirmation of Employment Form ---> PDF icon confirmation_of_employment_form_april_2023.pdf
Budget benefits rates 2023-2024-2025 ---> File budget_benefits_rate_2023-2024-2025.docx
Timesheet Schedule 2024 ---> PDF icon 2024_schedule_for_submitting_timesheets.pdf
Paid Parental Leave (PPL) Fund Application Form ---> PDF icon parental_leave_fund_ppl_application_form.pdf
Student Wage Guidelines as of October 1 2023 ---> PDF icon human_resources_-_student_wages_-_2023-10-03.pdf
Information required for non-payroll appointments ---> File information_required_for_non-payroll_appointments.docx
Information required for Postdoctoral Scholars requiring a work permit ---> PDF icon information_required_for_pds_appointment_-_foreign.pdf
Vacation Approval Process ---> File vacation_approval_process.docx
Information required for Visitor / Non-Payroll Appointments ---> File informationvisitornonpayrollappointments.docx


General Purpose Research (GPR) Guidelines and Procedures ---> File gpr_guidelines_and_procedures_final_-_march2019.docx
Request Access to Facilities for Academics ---> PDF icon 0722_academic_requests_to_access_facilities_form.pdf
Research Support - Job Factsheet Template for Research Accounts ---> Microsoft Office document icon grant_holder_job_factsheet_template.doc
OAC Covid 19 Research Management Plan - template ---> File oac_covid_19_rmp_template.docx
Budget benefits rates 2023-2024-2025 ---> File budget_benefits_rate_2023-2024-2025.docx
ABSc deparment research equipment guiding principles ---> File absc_deparment_research_equipment_guiding_principles_1.docx

Grad Matters

Nomination of External Examiner ---> File form_-_nomination_of_external_examiner1.docx
ABSc Grad Student Office Contract ---> PDF icon absc_grad_student_office_contract.pdf
Defense Planning Tool and Checklist ---> File defense_planning_tool_and_checklist.docx
ABSc Grad Student Office Rules ---> PDF icon absc_grad_student_office_rules.pdf
Defence Procedures ---> PDF icon defence_procedures.pdf
Key Rental Form ---> PDF icon key_rental_form.pdf
QUALIFYING EXAM FORM-Fillable-2 ---> PDF icon qualifying_exam_form-fillable-2_2024.pdf
UofG Grad Studies and Postdoctoral Forms and Documents ---> UofG Grad Studies and Postdoctoral Forms and Documents
Degree Program Forms & Adv Form Gryph Forms ---> PDF icon degree_program_forms_adv_form_gryph_forms.pdf

Department Safety Training Forms

Department Safety Training Records for Students, Employees and Visitors ---> PDF icon absc_safety_training_record_form_fillable_june_2022.pdf
Volunteer - Release and Indemnification Form ---> PDF icon release_and_indemnification_for_volunteers_pdf_fillable.pdf
Department Safety Training Records for Volunteers ---> PDF icon absc_safety_training_record_form_-_volunteers_2024.pdf


Laboratory Spill Response Procedures ---> PDF icon lab-spill-procedures-chem-bio-rad.pdf
SOP disposal of blood collection tubes 2024 JK ---> Microsoft Office document icon sop_disposal_of_blood_collection_tubes_2024_jk.doc
Gas Tank Use SOP ---> File gas_tank_use_sop.docx
Safety Office Checklist ---> Microsoft Office document icon office_selfinspection_cklist2024.doc
Surplus Chemical and Sharps Disposal Request ---> Surplus Chemical and Sharps Disposal Request
Request Access to Facilities for Academics ---> PDF icon 0722_academic_requests_to_access_facilities_form.pdf
Freight Elevator Handler Training - Hands On Demonstration Sign Off ---> PDF icon freight_elevator_handler_training_hands_on_demonstration_sign_off.pdf
HECHMET Barcode Disposal Form 2022 ---> PDF icon hechmet_barcode_disposal_form_2022.pdf
Praxair Order form_gas tanks ---> File praxair_order_form_gas_tanks.docx
Violence Prevention in the Workplace Policy ---> PDF icon 2023_violence_prevention_in_the_workplace_policy_signed.pdf
X-ray and isotope related forms ---> X-ray and isotope related forms
Workplace Harassment Prevention Policy ---> PDF icon 2023_workplace_harassment_prevention_policy_signed.pdf
Automobile Accident Report ---> PDF icon licenced_vehicle_incident_report.pdf
Emergency Response Procedures ---> PDF icon lab-emergency-procedures.pdf
Incident Report ---> PDF icon incident_report_form_0.pdf
Autoclave SOP ---> Microsoft Office document icon sop_autoclave_105_jk.doc
Garbage Disposal SOP ---> PDF icon absc_garbage_disposal_sop.pdf
Laboratory Checklist ---> PDF icon laboratory_workplace_inspection.pdf
Chemical Relabeling – WHIMIS ---> PDF icon whmis_relabeling_instruction_final.pdf
Centrifuge Protocol ---> PDF icon centrifuge_105_note_and_protocol.pdf
Laboratory Safety Manual ---> PDF icon lab_safety_manual_2016_-_rev_august_25_2017.pdf


ABSc Department Presentation 2021 No Animations ---> Office presentation icon absc_dept_presentation_spring_2021_no_animations.ppt
ABSc Fueling Departmental Vehicles ---> PDF icon absc_fueling_departmental_vehicles_march2024.pdf
Sunlife Benefits - Dental Claim ---> PDF icon dental_claim_form_0.pdf
ABSC Department Letterhead 2019 ---> File department_of_animal_biosciences_letterhead_2019.docx
Sunlife Benefits - Extended Health Care Claim Form ---> PDF icon ehc_e_fillable.pdf
Staff responsibilities in main office ---> File absc_staff_responsibilities_in_main_office_2023.docx
ANSC47004710 Faculty and Student Agreement_For F24 Semester ---> PDF icon ansc47004710_faculty_and_student_agreement_feb2024_mfan.pdf
ABSc Department Presentation 2021 with Animations ---> Office presentation icon absc_dept_presentation_spring_2021_with_animations.ppt