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Elijah Kiarie

Position/Title: Professor of Monogastric Nutrition (McIntosh Family Professorship in Poultry Nutrition)
email: ekiarie@uoguelph.ca
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 53746
Office: ANNU 226

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Research focus

Integration of parental, in-ovo and early life nutrition strategies to bolster gastrointestinal and skeletal development for enhanced productivity and reduction in antibiotic use

Evaluation of novel feed ingredients, feedstuffs processing technologies and innovative feed additives to mitigate feed cost and environmental impact of animal protein production 



ANSC*3270 Animal Diorders 

ANSC*4280 Poultry Nutrition

ANSC*6250 Growth and Metabolism

Graduate Student Information

We have access to advanced poultry research facilities ranging from isolator units for specific pathogen studies, hatchery to modular barns for any scale of poultry nutrition research. The Department of Animal Biosciences has more than 30 faculty members with a range of expertise to draw upon. Students have access to the state-of-the-art instrumentations for high-throughput genomics, spectrometry, chromatography, microscopy, microfluidics, cell culture, and advanced nutrition analytics. All these provide an excellent training environment for graduate students in terms of modern facilities, a large cohort of graduate students, a large pool of expertise to serve in graduate advisory committees and faculty to interact with in a well-organized graduate program.

Current research team: