Administrative Staff


Jake Harwood, Graduate Program Assistant

Main Office | x56215 |

All matters and questions regarding graduate studies should be forwarded to Jake. Jake is responsible for a wide range of duties, including keeping research and administrative news at this department up-to-date, handling all forms of paperwork pertaining to graduate studies, and the primary communicator of department matters through the listservs.

You should go see Jake if:

  • you have ANY questions about your graduate program;
  • you require a desk to be assigned to you;
  • you wish to acquire specific key(s) to rooms in the ANNU building (Note: EACH key requires a cash deposit of $20);
  • you encounter any physical/infrastructural issues in the building (i.e. broken pipe in a washroom, found an animal in a place where animals should not be hanging around, broken doors, windows, etc.)
  • you wish to book a lecture hall/meeting room in the ANNU building (bookings for rooms can be viewed via the "Booking calendar" option under Department Menu at the bottom of this website); or
  • you require completion of any forms pertaining to graduate studies.


Karina McKenzie, Undergraduate Program Assistant

Main Office | x56219 |

The undergraduate program assistant is available to assist you in the absence of other administrative staff. This includes inquiries related to payroll, signing out specific items, timesheets, keys, and registration into the booking system.


Diana Rau, Administrative Assistant

Main Office | x52676 |

Diana primarily serves as the assistant to the Chair of the department but also handles matters related to personnel and payroll.

You should go see Diana if:

  • you have any questions related to your Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) or status on any scholarships/fellowships awarded to you;
  • you need to be registered into the booking system to sign out specific items, such as cars;
  • you have any questions regarding graduate settlements;
  • you have a hard-copy timesheet to submit


Gail Costigan, Accounting Clerk

Main Office | x53683 |

Gail handles all business matters related to the department. This includes handling all shipments received by the department, paperwork involving reimbursement and expense claim processes, faxing, and inventory of supplies located in the Main Office vault.

You should go see Gail if:

  • you received an email from her regarding a shipment you ordered for yourself or your laboratory, when it is received and requires your signature;
  • you have any questions about the Expense Claim System (ECS) process, after completing their online tutorial;
  • you are missing a receipt for an expense claim that you are trying to complete; or
  • you have documents (i.e. receipts, mileages, etc.) required in filing a proper expense claim in order for it to be processed without delay.


Dave Tocek, Computer Systems Facilitator

Room 154 | x56220 |

Dave provides technological support for teaching and research at Animal Biosciences via all forms of information technology. He instructs and teaches information technology for faculty, research staff, and students, in addition to providing technical hardware & software support for both new and existing computer workstations and servers for use in this department. Computer labs and their associated equipment and servers are managed by Dave.

You should go see Dave if:

  • you wish to connect your personal computer to the Animal Biosciences software network, which contains teaching & research software for all disciplines and species, as well as the central department hard drive ("The H: drive");
  • a new computer is brought into your laboratory and requires installation, and if any computer hardware purchased and installed through this department requires repair; or
  • you have any questions regarding or requiring help for the audio/video equipment in common rooms found in the ANNU building.

More information about what the IT Staff at this department can offer can be found in the Research and Teaching Support page.