Information Technology and Computing

The information technology group (ABSsIT) provides faculty, staff, and students with advanced information technology, computing, communication and data analysis expertise in support of research, teaching and extension. This encompasses a wide range of technical disciplines including: systems and database design and development, communications networking, statistical analysis, computer programming, operations research, bioinformatics, mathematical model development and implementation, computer graphics and multimedia, audiovisual, website and web application development.

Current IT and Computing Environment:

  • Wired and wireless networking throughout the building ANNU
  • Departmental servers, one of which is the main file server, which provides network authentication, secure home directory space, the main web server, and application delivery.
  • High performance, big memory, many core servers used for heavy numerical computation.
  • Printing services, presentation devices, and multimedia development tools,
  • Video conferencing equipment.

Support Services:

  • Purchasing, setup, and installation and maintenance of computers and peripherals.
  • A well equipped IT support centre
  • Support for all major operating systems (Windows, *nix, Mac)
  • Fundamental programming support for various languages and software development tools.
  • Analytical software packages such as SAS, SPSS, Maple, Matlab, R, ACSL, and others with a more specific application
  • Server management, maintenance, and administration
  • Custom research and teaching software and systems development including databases.
  • Consulting on information technology, data processing, data recovery, and statistical/mathematical issues
  • Documentation and training
  • Helpdesk support - send email requests and problems to (email address)