Animal Housing Facilities

The Campus animal housing facilities associated with the Department of Animal Biosciences consist of two floors in the animal research wing of the Animal Science/Nutrition (ANNU) building and one section of Barn 37, located immediately behind ANNU.

The Department has approx 3,000 sq. ft. of floor space available in ANNU, with environmentally controlled rooms to house poultry, pigs, fish, rodents and small ruminants and feed storage areas.

Barn 37 B wing, shared with the OVC Teaching Hospital, has a variety of pens suitable for housing cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry as well as a large area for feed storage. Animals for use in the teaching program may be housed in the barn from Sept – April and research animals may be housed, when space is available, from May – August. All feed, including shavings used for bedding, is purchased and stored either in the feed room or loft of Barn 37 or in ANNU.  All animal waste is either composted in the Physical Resources composter adjacent to Barn 37 or handled in an off-site facility.

The teaching program may also utilize animals housed at the Dairy, Beef, Sheep and Aquaculture research facilities situated 30 - 40 minutes from campus and the Poultry and Equine facilities, located approx 15 minutes from campus.


  • Heather Bailey (Facility Manager)
  • Animal Care Staff - trained Undergraduate/Graduate students and graduates