Safety and Analytical

Department Safety Initiatives and Equipment Documentation

Specific information regarding training schedules are set each semester.

  • Safety & Orientation presentation ( VIDEO )  & online manual [(PDF file)]  
  • Autoclave Safety Training SOP Manual [(PDF file)]
  • Feed Mixer Training Sessions SOP Manual [(PDF file)]
  • Gas Cylinder (compressed gas) Safety Training SOP Manual [(PDF file)]
  • Grinding - Animal Carcass Training Session
  • Grinding - Plant Training Sessions - (campus facility) SOP Manual [(PDF file)]
  • Liquid Nitrogen Safety Training SOP Manual [(PDF file)]
  • Radiation Safety in Animal & Poultry Science – in addition to mandatory EHS course
  • Surgery – Safety Protocols and Procedures
  • Workplace Inspection Forms
    • Lab checklist [(PDF file)]
    • Office checklist [(PDF file)]

Manuals for Department Lab Equipment

ANKUM Fat Analyzer (PDF [(PDF file)] )
ANKUM Fibre Analyzer (PDF [(PDF file)] )
Beckman Coulter J6-MI Centrifuge - ANNU 105 (PDF [(PDF file)] ) 

Research Support Facilities

The departmental research facilities are designed to accommodate a wide range of teaching and research requirements within the department.  Training is available, for staff and graduate students using equipment. A cost recovery system is used in order to update and maintain departmental equipment.

Support Personnel

Manfred Hansel (Technical Staff)

Available in the "Central Core"


variety of Muffle furnaces


Savant Speed Vac - (Operating Manual) - equipment photo

Colorimetric assays

Hach UV/Vis spectrophotometer with software for a variety of applications

Fat Extractions

ANKOM Fat System - group fat extraction ( with petroleum ether) - (Operating Manual [(PDF file)] ) - equipment photo

Fibre - Acid or Neutral detergent (ADF or NDF)

ANKOM Fibre Analyzer - (Operating Manual [(PDF file)] ) - equipment photo

Gross Energy (adiabatic equilibrium method)

IKA C5000 bomb calorimeters

Microplate reader

Biorad 550

Nitrogen/Crude Protein on solid or liquid samples

Leco Nitrogen Analyzer - (Operating Manual) - equipment photo

Available in other areas of the Dept

Feed Mixing Facility (Training mandatory) - equipment photo 

Hobart mixer (2 large floor models)

can mix 25 kg of "heavy" feed or 12.5 kg of light weight feed

Marion mixer

can mix 250 kg (500 lb)

Grinding Facility (Training mandatory) (available for outside users) - equipment photo

Brinkman Retsch-Muhle grinder
Christy Norris hammer mill grinder
Thomas Wiley Mill grinder (5 inch) - 2 grinders
Thomas Wiley Mill grinder (Model 3)

Radioisotope Intermediate Lab Facility (Appropriate License and training mandatory)

radiation survey meters
Beckman LS6000 beta counter
LKB Wallac model 1274 gamma counter

Surgical Facility (Appropriate AUP and training mandatory) - equipment photo

bain circuit anaesthesia system

Tissue Culture Facility

Biosafety cabinet - equipment photo 

Also available for use within the Department

autoclave - steam sterilizing - large floor model (Training mandatory)
animal carcass grinder (Training mandatory)
drying ovens - large floor models
Gas Chromatography (Varian GC) - older model