Booking System

Animal Biosciences owns a number of items shared by members of the department for teaching and research purposes.

General Info
Booking an Item Online

General Info

The Animal Biosciences webpage features a list of bookable items accessible via the Department menu at the bottom of the page. It lists and describes all the items you may book, but the process of booking certain items will vary depending on the item in question. All items can be booked in person through our Graduate Secretary in the Main Office. However, you can also book items online to speed up the process.


Booking an Item Online

Note 1: rooms cannot be booked online; it can only be done in-person through the Graduate Secretary in the Main Office.

Note 2: new users who wish to book the department cars are required to register themselves into the system by seeing either Diana Rau or Karina McKenzie in the Main Office. New users are also required to attend a 30-minute Vehicle Training/Orientation seminar that takes place every semester. Emails regarding the event will be sent to new students through the listserv.

Before you read this section, it is worth noting that the Create a booking and the Booking calendar options under Department menu at the bottom of the page can only be viewed when you are logged in. If you are a graduate student but have not yet been registered or logged in, please visit the Directory page for instructions on how to log in.

Below are the steps to create a booking:

  1. Upon successful login, click Booking calendar under Department menu at the bottom of the page. You can view all of the currently booked items and the names of who signed out specific items at specific times.
  2. When ready to book an item, click Create a booking under Department menu. You will be taken to a page as seen in the above screenshot.
  3. Fill in all required fields, including ItemUser (enter your username assigned to you on this website), and Date and Time of Booking.
  4. You may enter the location (if booking a car) or description of this booking to help us know what you are using the item for.
  5. When finished, click Save to finalize your booking.

Your booking will be logged into the system once successfully processed.

Note 3: you may book up to a month (31 days) ahead of the current date for any of the items.