Graduate Fees

Payment of Fees

The Office of Graduate Studies provides a good overview here and also in this form on our website.. Full details including the rates for part-time students can be found on the Student Financial Services website. if you are living or working more than 200km from Guelph for a semester, you are also entitled to reduced fees; talk to Wendy for details.

In sum, upon registering for courses via the WebAdvisor website, you will be able to see the fees charged to you within 72 hours of registration. You may access this upon logging into WebAdvisor, by accessing Student Menu > Financial Profile > Registration Billing. Payments are done on a semesterly basis instead of annually. And there are various methods to pay your fees, including online banking, telephone banking, debit card, and more. Please see the Payments and Settlements page of SFS for all methods accepted by the University.

Note that information about fees schedules and payments may also be emailed to you via your uoguelph address, so please keep on eye on your Inbox.


If you are receiving a Graduate Research Assistantship, you may choose to allocate these funds to pay for your tuition, as follows:

If you wish to use your stipend/GRA to pay for your tuition, you will need to notify our Administrative Officer, Diana Rau, and Student Financial Services of your intention to do so every semester. This can be done through WebAdvisor.

  • Log in to WebAdvisor using your Central Login ID and password.
  • Under Main Menu, click "Students" to access the Student's Menu.
  • Scroll down to the Financial Profile tab; click on "Graduate Settlement".
  • Select the Term you wish to apply for.
  • Check the box titled "Payroll deduction" and click Submit.

Note 1: you must do this by the beginning of every semester if you wish to use your stipend to pay your tuition; otherwise, a late charge may be applied to your Account Summary.

Note 2: you may also use any Awards that you have won; there is a separate box to check for this option. You can review the amount you have won from scholarships or awards for a semester under the Refunds section in Account Summary (under the same Financial Profile tab as above).

Failure to pay the fees in full OR arrange for payment with SFS before the published deadline date will lead to financial deregistration. In order to re-enroll in your courses, you must go through the reinstatement process with Student Financial Services.



If you wish to withdraw from your studies before a certain class day (for example to take a leave of absence or defend your thesis), you can be refunded all or part of your fees for that semester. The Graduate Calendar outlines this process (as does Student Financial Services here), and the amount of refund received depends on how far into the semester you are. Keep in mind that:

  • Organizational and non-academic fees that are not part of the tuition fee are not refundable after the 15th class day.
  • Medical and dental insurance is non-refundable after the 5th class day.
  • The resource fee for distance education courses is non-refundable after the 5th class day upon dropping a course.