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Dr.Christine Baes

VICE interview with Dr. Christine Baes

A team from VICE ventured out to the Elora Research Station to interview Associate Professor Christine Baes of the Department of Animal Biosciences. Dr. Baes discussed one aspect of the Efficient Dairy Genome Project, and how it may help to reduce methane emissions and lessen the impact of the dairy industry on the environment. Field technician Gail Ritchie was also interviewed and discussed the ins and outs of methane testing.

Journal Articles from ABSc

November Journal Articles from Animal Biosciences

The Department of Animal Biosciences is highly regarded for its active research programs in nutrition, nutrition modelling, physiology, molecular biology, biotechnology, welfare and behavior, breeding, genetics and meat science.  The following is a list of peer-reviewd publications from members of ABSc for the month of November including those now in print as well as newly accepted articles available online ahead of print (Epub).

Have a read to see what ABSc is up to!

Prof Talks Turkey Breeding in The Atlantic

Prof. Christine Baes was interviewed in The Atlantic about breeding tastier, healthier, happier turkeys. The interview touches on the work she is doing together with Dr. Ben Wood, Prof. Alexandra Harlander (Animal Biosciences) , Prof. Shai Barbut (Food Science), and a number of graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

U of G Teams Excelled at 2018 Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Competition

Breaking news!  University of Guelph teams excelled at the Animal Welfare Judging and Assessment Competition held this year at Colorado State University.  The team of Madeline Collins, Stephanie Kaye, Quinn Rausch and Rebecca Williams won the Graduate Student Division of this competition with Quinn winning the idividual award. The team of Nicole Burcar, Brooke Galloway, Annie King and Emma Puckering came second in the hotly contested Veterinary Student Division. Apart from Nicole, all these contestants are either current or past students in Animal Biosciences.



2018 Golden Boot Soccer Cup and BBQ

Hello everyone,


On behalf of the Social Committee I would like to thank you all for the participation in the 3rd Golden Boot Soccer Cup and Annual ABSc BBQ. It was a fun and successful event with more than 100 people participating!!!!


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