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Lori Ogilvie

Position/Title: M.Sc. by thesis
email: logilv01@uoguelph.ca

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Past Education: University of Guelph H.BSc. Animal Biology, Nutritional and Nutraceutical Science minor

Present Academic Activity:

I am a current M.Sc. student of Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro, my career in this laboratory began in 2018 as a volunteer and then as an ANSC*4710 research student. I was drawn to the drive and dedication to improving the field of dairy science demonstrated by Dr. Ribeiro and his team so it was a natural choice to eagerly accept when given to option to expand my undergraduate work into an M.Sc. project. The overarching theme of my research examines immune status and function in transition cows, how these parameters impact disease occurrence in the peripartum period, as well as their effect on her calf through the lenses of early life nutrition and fetal programming. We are accomplishing this via various assessments of immune cell function, health records of the cow and calf, colostrum quality, and many other measurements that involve diverse in vitro laboratory experiments, data from on-farm computer systems, and collaborations with industry partners. By exploring these parameters it is our hope to better elucidate the internal immunological environment of the transition cow and the impacts it may have on her calf in order to further the evolution of management practices, especially regarding the implementation of potential interventions to mitigate disease in these highly susceptible demographics in the future. This is not only important for the health and welfare of dairy animals, but also for the profit margins of dairy farms through possible reductions in milk production losses due to illness, consequent reproductive issues, and costs associated with veterinary care for disease treatment (Carvalho et al., 2019). Once I complete my M.Sc. degree I look forward to moving into the workforce where I will be able to use what I have learned at the Department of Animal Biosciences and broadly spread the University of Guelph’s message to 'Improve Life’.

Although my favourite place to volunteer will always be at the Elora Dairy Research and Innovation Centre (both as an undergrad in my current lab and with data collection for a project associated with the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock) I have also greatly enjoyed my experience as a group facilitator with Gryphons Read and my time as a Peer Helper with the Office of Diversity and Human Rights.  

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