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Guilherme Madureira

Position/Title: Ph.D. Candidate
Phone: (226) 501 5336

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My name is Guilherme Madureira. I am originally from Sorocaba, São Paulo - Brazil. I have a Bachelor degree in Veterinary Medicine by the Federal University of Lavras (Lavras, Minas Gerais - Brazil) and Master of Science degree in Animal Science and Pasture by the University of São Paulo (Piracicaba, São Paulo - Brazil).

My overall goal for the PhD program is to translate basic science in reproductive biology to practical applications that can improve cattle production efficiency and sustainability. My studies intends to tackle subfertility problems in dairy herds by developing an endometrial receptivity test for genetic selection of fertile females. Our ultimate goal is to identify a specific endometrial responses that varies among individuals and is associated with pregnancy outcomes, which could then be used as a new fertility trait. The beneficiaries of this project are dairy farmers and allied industry that would benefit from having new traits to select females for better fertility, which would optimize dairy production efficiency.

My career goal is to work on research development in the livestock industry, using basic science and applied research to solve problems faced by food animal producers.