ABSc Courses

Title Course Code Level Semesters Offered Course Outline
Topics in Comparative Animal Nutrition ANSC*6010 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6010_c01_f22_v2_jatkinson.pdf
Modelling Metabolic Processes ANSC*6030 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6030_c01_f21_jellis.pdf
Biometry for Animal Sciences ANSC*6050 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6050_c01_w22_cbaes.pdf
Metabolic Regulation of Reproduction ANSC*6070 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6070_c01_f21_eribeiro.pdf
Special Project - Machine Learning Modelling ANSC*6100 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6100_c01_w22_tulpan.pdf
Special Project ANSC*6100 Graduate Fall, Winter, Summer PDF icon ansc_6100_c02_w22_nkarrow.pdf
Principles of Selection in Animal Breeding ANSC*6210 Graduate Winter PDF icon course_outline_ansc_6210_w20_selection_in_animal_breeding_2020.pdf
Topics in Animal Genetics and Genomics ANSC*6240_01 Graduate PDF icon ansc_6240_c01_w19_1183_d_tulpan.pdf
Animal Genetics and Genomics- Systems Biology ANSC*6240_02 Graduate PDF icon course_outline_ansc6240_02_-_w20_systems_biology_acanovas.pdf
Growth and Metabolism ANSC*6250 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6250_c01_w22_kiarie_wood.pdf
Topics in Computational Biology and Bioinformatics ANSC*6330 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6330_c01_f21_dtulpan_v2.1.pdf
Techniques in Animal Nutrition Research ANSC*6360 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6360_c01_w22_mfan.pdf
Quantitative Genetics and Animal Models ANSC*6370 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6370_c01_f21_fschenkel_v1.1.pdf
QTLs and Markers ANSC*6390 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6390_c01_w22_fschenkel.pdf
Mammalian Reproduction ANSC*6400 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6400_c01_w22_gbedecarrats.pdf
Advanced Critical Analysis in Applied Ethology ANSC*6440 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6440_c01_f21_twidowski.pdf
Topics in Animal Biotechnology ANSC*6450 Graduate Fall PDF icon w17_ansc_6450_course_outline.pdf
Lactation Biology ANSC*6460 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6460_c01_f21_msteele.pdf
Advanced Animal Nutrition ANSC*6470 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6470_c01_f21_mfan.pdf
Advanced Animal Nutrition II ANSC*6480 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6480_c01_w22_dbureau.pdf
Advanced Dairy Management ANSC*6490 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6490_c01_w22_msteele.pdf
Systematic Review & Meta-Analysis for Animal Biosciences ANSC*6550 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6550_c01_w22_jellis_3.pdf
Scientific Communications I ANSC*6600 Graduate Fall, Winter PDF icon ansc_6600_f17_class_overview.pdf
Thesis Proposal and Professional Development I ANSC*6610 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6610_c01_w22_msteele.pdf
Animals in Society: Historical and Global ANSC*6700 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6700_c01_f21_iduncan.pdf
Assessing Animal Welfare in Practice ANSC*6710 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6710_c01_w22_plawlis_updated.pdf
Scientific Welfare Assessment ANSC*6720 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc6720_w20_affective_states_outline_duncan.pdf
Applied Environmental Physiology & Animal Housing - Grad ANSC*6730 Graduate Winter PDF icon ansc_6730_c01_w22_vosborne.pdf
Special Topics in Applied Animal Welfare Science - Poultry Welfare ANSC*6740 Graduate Fall PDF icon ansc_6740_c01_f21_aharlander_v1.1.pdf
Special Topics in Applied Animal Welfare Science ANSC*6740, Section 1 Graduate Summer PDF icon ansc_6740_c01_s21_devries.pdf
Major Paper in Animal and Poultry Science** ANSC*6900 Graduate Fall, Winter, Summer PDF icon ansc_6900_c01_w22_nkarrow.pdf
Experimental Design and Applied Data Analysis for the Agricultural Sciences UNIV*6020 (2 semester course) Graduate Fall, Winter PDF icon medwards_univ6020_courseoutline_20200824_f21.pdf
Seminars and Analysis in Animal Behaviour and Welfare UNIV*6030 (2 semester course) Graduate Fall, Winter PDF icon univ_6030_c01_f21_lniel.pdf