Stipend Policies in our Department


  • For students entering 2022-2023 the minimum stipends are set at $20,270 per annum (M.Sc. by thesis) for 6 full-time semesters maximum, and $24,230 per annum (Ph.D.) for 9 full-time semesters maximum. These typically come in the form of a Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA) from your advisor, a major scholarship, or a combination. 

  • Students entering in later cohorts can expect an increase over this of 2% per entrance year.

          * For budgeting purposes, the stipends below are projections based on an assumed 2% increase per year:

Effective Date MSc PhD
September 1, 2022 $20,270 $24,230
September 1, 2023 $20.680 $24,710
September 1, 2024 $21,090 $25,200
September 1, 2025 $21,510 $25,700
  • Minor scholarships ($5000 or under a year) and TA-ships will not be counted as part of this stipend; in other words, if you win these as a graduate student, they are added onto your baseline minimum stipend (and thus equivalent values will not be subtracted from your GRA).
  • Major scholarships (>$5000 a year) in contrast can be counted as part of the stipend: in other words, students winning these may have equivalent values subtracted from their GRA, at their advisor’s discretion (so students applying for major awards, like OGS or NSERC, should first negotiate with their advisor so that both parties are clear what will happen to the GRA if the student is successful).

  • We do not accept self-funded, domestic thesis students unless either enrolled part-time (to give them time to work to fund themselves) or can prove financial support (e.g. a parental RESP). Domestic students wishing to self-fund a full-time M.Sc. may appeal to the Graduate Coordinator and Chair for special consideration.