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Apply Anytime

MITACS Accelerate Awards

Any graduate student or postdoc doing industry-related research.


Mid-September Vanier Academically outstanding Ph.D. applicants
October 1st IODE War Memorial Scholarship  Academically outstanding current Canadian/ Permanent resident  Ph.D. students
Early-mid October    NSERC-PGS-D (Post-graduate Doctoral Scholarship)  Academically outstanding Canadian/ Permanent resident  Ph.D. applicants & current students
Mid-November   Fulbright Awards Academically outstanding Canadian Ph.D.s wishing to conduct research in the US 
December 1st   NSERC-CGS-M (Canada Graduate Scholarship for M.Sc.) Academically outstanding M.Sc. applicants & current M.Sc. students (thesis only)


January  Ontario Graduate Scholarships (plus QE II awards, which are allocated automatically in the same competition) Academically strong applicants & current students
January    Canadian Association of Graduate Schools Dissertation Award Any high-quality Ph.D. thesis defended in the previous year
February 1st  Dairy Farmers of Ontario Doctoral Award Academically strong Ph.D. applicants planning to conduct dairy research
February 1st  Aboriginal Graduate Scholarship  Academically strong Aboriginal applicants & current students 
February 1st Nora Cebotarev Memorial Scholarship  International female students from developing countries and committed to social change
February  OMAFRA HQP (Highly Qualified Personnel) Scholarships   Academically strong applicants (entering  Ph.D.  or M.Sc. by thesis programs) 
Mid-February    Brock Doctoral Scholarship Academically outstanding  Ph.D. applicants
Mid-February Trillium Doctoral Scholarship Academically outstanding international  Ph.D. applicants
End of February UFAW Animal Welfare Studentships Students working on animal welfare
March 1st OAC Outstanding TA Award A student who was an outstanding TA in the previous year
March 15th Arrell Scholarships Any academically-outstanding applicant doing food-related research
April CSC (China Scholarship Council) Awards  Academically strong Chinese  Ph.D. applicants


Anytime February- May (varies) New Departmental ‘RAG’ (Resource Allocation for Graduates) Scholarships Academically strong Canadian/Permanent resident applicants; wait for  departmental  email
Anytime February -May (varies; also we do not always get allocations) International Graduate Tuition Scholarship Academically strong international applicants; wait for  departmental  email
Anytime February- June (varies) Graduate Tuition Scholarship Academically strong Canadian/Permanent resident applicants; wait for  departmental  email
Anytime February- June (varies) Graduate Excellence Entrance Awards Academically outstanding Canadian/Permanent resident applicants; wait for  departmental  email
August - September Banting Fellowship Academically outstanding post-docs