Aline Pereira's MSc Defence

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Growth performance and gut health in broiler chickens fed enzyme-treated or un-treated cranberry pomace in an Eimeria spp. challenge model

This study aimed to investigate the effects of cranberry pomace (CBP) on the perfor-mance, mortality, and gut health of broiler chickens challenged with Eimeria spp when fed 0.5 or 1% untreated CBP (UTCBP) and enzyme-treated CBP (ETCBP). The results showed that the use of ETCBP resulted in higher mortality rates compared to UTCBP during the acute phase of coccidiosis. However, adding CBP did not prevent the reduction in body weight gain caused by coccidiosis. Nevertheless, it exhibited some beneficial effects in reducing intestinal gross and microscopic lesion scores. These findings suggested that CBP has the potential to be a dietary supplement for mitigating the effects of coccidiosis in broiler chickens. However, fur-ther research is needed to understand CBP mechanisms of action and the optimal processing for enhancing efficacy.

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