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Sarah Adams

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student
Office: ANNU 128

Bachelor of Science (Honours Program), University of Guelph (2017)

Master of Science, University of Guelph (2020)

I am currently a Ph.D. Student working under the advisement of Dr. Jennifer Ellis in the Department of Animal Biosciences. Throughout my undergraduate degree at the University of Guelph, my subjects of interest included biology and statistics. I also developed an interest for improving the health and welfare of animals through my extensive experience working in the veterinary industry with animals including cattle, horses, dogs, cats, and exotic and avian species. These passions and the constant desire to learn led me to pursue graduate studies.

In September 2020, I completed a M.Sc. by thesis with Dr. Christine Baes and Dr. Ben Wood in the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock research group. My project involved investigating genomic inbreeding and its effects on body weight and egg production traits in purebred turkey populations. My research was part of a large project that is aimed at improving the health, welfare, and productivity of Canadian turkeys with the application of genomic selection. More information regarding the ongoing project can be found at the following link: Hybrid Turkeys receives funding for $6 million genomic selection project.

In September 2020, I started my Ph.D. with Dr. Jennifer Ellis. My project has the objective to hybridize machine learning and mechanistic models to create ‘intelligent’ precision nutrition models for next generation dairy production. This project is funded my OMAFRA and Trouw Nutrition.


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1. van Staaveren, N., E. M. Leishman, S. M. Adams, B. J. Wood, A. Harlander-Matauschek, and C. F. Baes (2020). Housing and management of turkey flocks in Canada. Animals, 10 (7), doi: 10.3390/ani10071159.