Reza Bakhshalinejad

Position/Title: Ph.D Candidate
Office: ANNU 215, Monogastric Nutrition Lab

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Reza Bakhshalinejad is a Ph.D. candidate in University of Guelph's Animal Bioscience Department. His extensive experience studying Animal Science has helped him become an expert in researching new feed additives. Besides studying poultry science at the University of Tehran from 2009 to 2014, he completed different internships during his B.Sc. By taking advantage of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad's outstanding faculty, he enrolled in an M.Sc. in Poultry Nutrition program. He collaborated on ten projects as an assistant or associate researcher, publishing nine papers in frontline journals. His master's thesis looked at the effects of different dietary levels of calcium iodate on productivity, egg quality, and iodine accumulation in laying hens. To gain practical experience, he worked in three different companies as an R&D and technical member before starting his Ph.D. As part of his doctoral program, he joined Dr. Elijah Kiarie's monogastric nutrition lab in Sept 2021. Essentially, his study examines the effects of feeding broiler breeders various forms of trace minerals on breeders and their progeny's performance, immunocompetence, skeletal development, and gut health. Reza is also a member of a review board for some international scientific journals, and when he is not studying, he enjoys driving, walking and cooking. Reza hopes to work in the Canadian poultry industry after completing his Ph.D. and help producers develop practical and innovative feed additives products.



2021 - now, Ph.D. Animal Bioscience, University of Guelph, Canada

2014 - 2016, M.Sc. Poultry Nutrition, Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

2009 - 2014, B.Sc. Poultry Science, University of Tehran, Iran


Job experience:

Jun 2020 – Sep 2021, Technical and Sale Manager, Sepehr Makian Fartak Feed Additives Co., Mashhad, Iran

Dec 2018 – May 2020, Technical Expert, Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources, Mashhad, Iran

Nov 2016 – Jun 2020, Research and Development Member, Sepehr Makian Fartak Feed Additives Co., Mashhad, Iran 


Scholarship and awards:

Graduate Research Assistantship (GRA)

International Doctoral Tuition Scholarship (IDTS)

Egg Farmers of Ontario's Thomas R. Graham Scholarship

James Harris Scholarship