Reza Bakhshalinejad

Position/Title: Ph.D Candidate
Office: ANNU 215, Monogastric Nutrition Lab

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Reza Bakhshalinejad is a Ph.D. candidate in the Animal Bioscience Department at the University of Guelph, driven by a profound understanding of Animal Science and a specialized focus on monogastric nutrition.

His academic journey commenced at the University of Tehran, where he immersed himself in Animal Science from 2009 to 2014. During his undergraduate studies, Reza actively pursued diverse internships across various animal producer farms, gaining hands-on experience with cows, sheep, laying hens, turkeys, and chickens. This practical engagement fueled his academic pursuit, leading him to Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, where he earned an M.Sc. in Poultry Nutrition. Here, his notable contributions encompassed collaboration on ten projects and co-authoring 11 papers published in esteemed journals. His master's thesis investigated the nuanced effects of varying dietary calcium iodate levels on laying hens, probing into productivity, egg quality, and iodine accumulation.

From this comprehensive academic background, Reza transitioned seamlessly into roles within three distinct companies. Progressing from an R&D member to a managerial position, these professional experiences laid a robust groundwork for his ongoing Ph.D. endeavours. Currently, as part of Prof. Elijah Kiarie's monogastric nutrition lab since September 2021, his doctoral research focuses on unravelling the impact of different forms of trace minerals in broiler breeders' diets. His study aims to elucidate their effects on breeders' and progeny performance, immunocompetence, and skeletal development.

Outside the academic realm, Reza actively contributes to the scientific community by serving on review boards for several international journals. When not immersed in scholarly pursuits, he finds solace in activities like driving, leisurely walks, and exploring culinary creativity through cooking.

Looking ahead, Reza is motivated to merge his academic acumen and practical insights into the Canadian poultry and swine industry, striving to bring forth innovative advancements that elevate the industry's practices and sustainability.



2021 - now | Ph.D. | Animal Bioscience | University of Guelph, Canada

2014 - 2016 | M.Sc. | Poultry Nutrition | Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, Iran

2014 - 2015 | MBA | Operation Management | Technical and Vocational Training Organization of Iran, Tehran, Iran

2012 - 2014 | MBA | Executive Management | University of Applied Science and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2009 - 2014 | B.Sc. | Animal Science | University of Tehran, Iran


Job experience:

2020 - 2021 | R&D Manager | Sepehr Makian Fartak Feed Additives Co., Mashhad, Iran

2018 - 2020 | Senior Technical Expert | Organization of Agricultural Engineering and Natural Resources, Mashhad, Iran

2016 - 2020 | R&D Director | Sepehr Makian Fartak Feed Additives Co., Mashhad, Iran


Scholarship and awards:

2021 - 2024 Graduate Research Assistantship

2023 – 2025 International Doctoral Tuition Scholarship

Jun 2023 Larry Milligan Research Travel Grant

Dec 2021 Egg Farmers of Ontario's Thomas R. Graham Scholarship

Nov 2021 James Harris Scholarship


Professional membership:

Mar 2024 - Present | Animal Society of Animal Science-Midwest and Northeast

Mar 2024 - Present | Canadian Society of Animal Science

Jan 2022 - Present | World Poultry Science Association- Canada branch

Jan 2016 - Present | Poultry Science Association

Jan 2016 - Aug 2021 | World Poultry Science Association-Iran branch

Oct 2015 - Aug 2021 | Iranian Society of Animal Science