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Lindsey Rummell

Position/Title: M.Sc. by thesis
Phone: 519 824 4120 ext. 56386
Office: ANNU 232

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BSc (Hons) – Animal Biology; minor Nutrition and Nutraceutical Sciences (University of Guelph, 2019)



I am currently an MSc-Thesis student, studying animal nutrition under the supervision of Dr. Anna Kate Shoveller. My passion for nutrition began when I took Pet Nutrition in my undergrad, where I learned that there were other opportunities to work with animals other than becoming a veterinarian. I completed both ANSC*4700 and ANSC*4710 in my fourth year with Dr. Shoveller, where I cultivated my natural curiosity and further developed an interest in research. Following the completion of my BScH, I spent one year working in industry for NSF International, a global leader of public health and safety-based risk management solutions within their Consulting and Technical Services department. This role taught me a variety of important life skills, most importantly how to operate in a professional environment.   I would highly recommend anyone who is able to take time off from school do this so as to develop skills outside of academia. Following a year in industry, I knew for certain I wanted to return to school to pursue a Master’s in the field of animal nutrition.

For my Master’s project, I am investigating the effects of a concentrated brewer’s yeast product on gut health and nutrient status in dogs. Yeast is a moderately fermentable source of carbohydrates and protein that has a variety of beneficial effects, acting as an immune-modulator in both animal and human models. It also has been shown to reduce oxidative status and reactive oxygen species, and increase the production of cytokines (cell signaling molecules that participate in cell-to-cell communication in immune responses), helping to improve overall health of the animal. For these reasons, in my study we evaluated the effects of 10 weeks of yeast supplementation on gut permeability, fecal metabolites, inflammatory status, and serum amino acid concentrations in adult dogs. This study was supported by the F.L Emmert Company, and the results will help direct future research in yeast supplements for dogs, specifically where the various benefits of yeast could be most impactful for the overall health of dogs.

Outside of academics, I am currently the Treasurer of the ABSc Graduate Student Council, and a graduate student representative on the ABSc Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

In my free time, I enjoy spending time outdoors with my dogs, watching movies, and reading mystery novels.