Are you a Department Vehicle Driver in Animal Biosciences? Refresh your knowledge of what is expected

Posted on Tuesday, June 11th, 2024

As the summer semester is progressing there are more departmental drivers, with many new to the guidelines for use of these department vehicles.

Please take a moment, whether you are new or a seasoned driver of the department vehicles to refresh your knowledge on what the University's expectations are of drivers of the department vehicles or rental vehicles used for research purposes.

You can see all of the University of Guelph details related to use of UofG vehicles and rentals at the following link:

The site will cover:

  • Who can drive
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Personal Vehicle Use
  • 15 Passenger Vans
  • Transporting Dangerous Goods

For our Department level, here are some highlights of things to keep in mind when using the department vehicles:

Safe and Courteous use of vehicles while on the road:

  • Car-pooling is encouraged when feasible.
  • Only people involved in the research are to be in the vehicles (non-work related passengers are not to be travelling in the cars)
  • Overnight use of the vehicles is not permitted unless there is a specific requirement that needs this
  • All fines are a drivers responsibility
  • Lock the vehicle when not in use

As per the University of Guelph - Licensed Vehicle Policy  - in the section covering "Operating the Vehicle"

3.9. Drivers and passengers shall wear seatbelts in compliance with the Highway Traffic Act. The driver is responsible for ensuring there is a seatbelt for each passenger. Passengers are prohibited from riding in the back of trucks. Any violations will be the responsibility of the driver. 

3.10. Smoking is prohibited in all vehicles. Those in violation will be charged a standard cleaning fee of $250.00. 

3.11. Drivers shall not operate cellular phones in a vehicle unless the vehicle has been removed from the flow of traffic and is at a full stop or if equipped with a handsfree device

3.12. Dangerous goods shall be carried in compliance with the Transportation of Dangerous Goods regulations and the driver must carry a valid Dangerous Goods Training Certificate. Prior to carrying dangerous goods, the Associate Director for Risk and Insurance should be contacted to ensure that there is adequate insurance coverage for carrying dangerous goods. Also refer to the University of Guelph Transportation of Dangerous Goods policy which can be downloaded at For more information contact the University’s Environmental Health and Safety Department at extension 53282.

Fair Use and Sharing of Vehicles across the department:

Please note that these vehicles are intended for short-term use to access University of Guelph research stations and other local research facilities

If you will require intensive (e.g. Daily use) of a vehicle for an extended time - a rental vehicle will need to be considered - currently the maximum number of days in a row that can be booked by a group is 2 weeks, and this would be considered a special circumstance. Please contact Karina McKenzie if you are going to need intensive booking, so that we are aware. As we see how the vehicles are used, there may be further updates to our department level sharing policies, to get the best use of the vehicles we have available.

Drivers need to make their own bookings:

Drivers need to book their own vehicles, the booking calendar is what is used to follow up with any issues, should a car go out of service etc - in order to inform the correct people. One person should NOT be booking for a group of other drivers. 

Keep the cars tidy:

If you bring items into the car, please remove them from the car e.g.  - no one should have to remove another driver's garbage/fast food bags, coffee cups etc.

Minor Vehicle maintenance: (wiper fluid, snow brushes, fuel levels)

For example if the vehicle you are using needs windshield wiper fluid or  a new snow brush, - please drive over to Transportation Services (on Lang Way) for either a top up on fluid or a new snow brush

Check fuel levels when you have used the vehicle - and if you see that it has decreased to only 25% full, please go to the University Gas pumps (card is located in each vehicle) to fuel the car. This is intended to share the filling of the cars with all drivers.

If you notice a vehicle issue:

Should you notice an issue with the vehicle that is more involved, e.g. lights not working, car not working properly in some way - Please inform Karina McKenzie and Transportation Services will be alerted. They will provide follow up on the issue and this may result in the vehicle being taken out of service until resolved. Drivers affected by a vehicle being taken out of service will be notified, in order to make alternate arrangements. 


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