Scarlett Burron's MSc Defence

Date and Time


Teams and room 141:


Due to the growing population and depletion of resources, the demand for economically and environ-mentally sustainable ingredient alternatives has increased. As a result, this thesis sought to investigate the health impacts of supplementing of an alternative plant-based oil, Camelina sativa oil, to the diets of healthy adult dogs and horses to determine whether it is safe for inclusion in commercial feeds formulation for these animals. Throughout the 16-week feeding period for both species, no differences were observed when evalu-ating body weight, body condition score, food intake, or biochemical and hematological analytes as compared to the control groups, flaxseed oil and canola oil, which are already considered safe for consumption in dogs and horses. These results support the conclusion that camelina oil provides a sustainable ingredient alternative that can be included in the diets of dogs and horses with no negative impacts on gross safety measures.

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