Three Minute Talk (3MT)

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ANNU 141


On Thursday afternoon, come along and enjoy some snacks, and some brain food: 8 of our grad students summing up what they do in bite-size appetizers. 

We'll follow a relaxed version of the 3MT format (my student Andrea shows the strict version here: bang on 3 minutes, one slide, and no questions:; 

in our version this week, straying a bit over 3 mins. is fine,  more than one slide is fine, it's not a competition, and most importantly, there will be time for questions from you the audience.  But the students  will be  meeting the most important aim of the 3MT  - summing up their science in a way that all of us can 'get' (think very short TED talk!).

So if you're curious about the projects underway in An Biosci, or want to know what ANSC*6600/6620 has in store for you next semester, come along - all welcome!


Michelle Lavery - Investigating the welfare, cognitive, and neurological effects of rearing zebrafish in enriched environments
Michaela Lievre – The effects of dietary protein and methionine in late-pregnancy beef cattle on colostrum quality and immune transfer
JennMacNicol -  Modelling the equine gastro-intestinal tract in the lab
Claire Mindus - The influence of bacteria on feather pecking in laying hens under stress
Bo (Eddie) Pan - How to make a baby from skin
Mariana Roedell - Understanding the effects of maternal stress in chickens
Murilo Romulo Carvalho - Recovering the athletes: the long-term impact of postpartum diseases in dairy cows
Misha Ross - Effects of rewards and enrichments on resilience in laying hens

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