Bachelor of Science Agriculture - Animal Science

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Guelph is known internationally as the premier centre for life sciences education and research in agriculture, food, rural communities, and the environment. It is the only university in Ontario to offer a science degree in agriculture.
With four majors to choose from, you can tailor your education and experiences to your interests and career goals. From a scientific and practical understanding of the animals and plants that form the basis of our food supply to the management of urban landscapes, the Bachelor of Science in Agriculture can put you at the forefront of one of the largest industries in Canada.


Animal Science

The aim of modern animal agriculture is the efficient production of quality products using humane animal production systems. In Animal Science, you will learn how the environment affects productivity, how physiology affects reproduction, and how to improve food quality, production, and performance through animal breeding and good nutrition. You will also study animal behaviour, housing, and management systems that promote farm animal welfare and learn how meat scientists develop tasty and nutritious products.