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Victoria Asselstine

Position/Title: Postdoctoral Rsearcher
Office: ANNU 103

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Victoria recieved her M.Sc in 2018 and her Ph.D in 2021, both under the supervision of Dr. Angela Cánovas in the Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock research group, affiliated with the Department of Animal Biosciences.

Victoria's graduate research used OMICs techologies, specfically transcriptomics to at the transcriptome of the animal and allows phenotypic variations between animals to be observed. Specifically, Victoria is interested in looking at differences in the host transcriptome of healthy and mastitic udder quarters from Holstein dairy cows, which could make the animal more resistant to mastitis. This will ensure that producers are able to maintain their herd's health and decrease their costs of treatment for mastitis, while working alongside geneticists. 

Victoria is now a Postdoctoral researcher working for Dr. Angela Cánovas on a variety of OMICs projects associated with immune response and health in ruminants. 

In my free time, I love hiking with husband and dogs.