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Patty Kedzierski

Position/Title: PhD Candidate
Office: ANNU 229



  • B.ScH, University of Guelph (2016)
  • M.Sc,  University of Guelph (2020)

I am currently a PhD candidate and HQP scholar in the department of Animal Biosciences working on precision dairy cattle management under the supervision of Dr. John Cant. My research stems further from my MSc project where we estimated daily energy flows in freestall-housed dairy cattle using automated technology. My MSc research highlighted the extent and variation in production areas between individual dairy cows. My ultimate goal is to use mathematical modelling and machine learning methods to develop individualized nutrient supplementation programs for dairy cattle. Dairy cows have different levels of productivity and metabolisms that vary on a daily basis, but, are usually fed the same diet based on herd averages. Using herd averages can lead to under or over-feeding which can cause disease and reduced productivity. Our goal with individualized feeding programs for dairy cattle is to optimize production, lower feed costs, minimize nutrient excretion and decrease incidences of disease. This research is new and exciting, but also presents it's own challenges in that it hasn't been done. Ultimately, the development of this model and implementation will help us to gain new insight and highlight future areas of research needed in regard to individual dairy cow management. 

In addition to my research in dairy cattle, I recently completed a 2 semester HQP course collaborating with peers within different departments to create a business proposal for Cellular Agriculture Canada. Throughout these last 8 months, we worked to highlight key problem areas and find solutions to help connect traditional farming and cellular agriculture in the path towards a sustainable future. We are in the process of submitting a paper for publication and it was another exciting opportunity to be a part of new research that will have an impact on the future of agriculture.

Outside of school you can most often finding me hiking with my husband and dogs, horseback riding and camping!