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Maureen Sahar

Position/Title: M.Sc Student

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B.Sc.H – Double Major in Animal Physiology and Human, Minor in Immunology - University of Toronto (2021)

M.Sc student by coursework in the Animal Biosciences Department - University of Guelph (Current)

Advisor: Dr. Julang Li 


Academic Experience:

Currently, I am an M.Sc student, by coursework, working under the supervision of Dr. Julang Li within the stream of Animal Physiology in the Animal Biosciences department. In the Spring of 2021, I graduated with honours from the University of Toronto where I completed a double Major in Animal Physiology and Human Biology, alongside a minor in Immunology.

During my undergraduate degree I joined two research labs, the Canine Cognition Lab, which focuses their research on understanding dogs’ reasoning and learning abilities, and the Rollinson Lab, which conducted research on the evolutionary ecology, behaviour, and conservation of ectothermic vertebrates. From my experience working as a Research Assistant in these labs, alongside my experiential work as a veterinary assistant, wildlife volunteer, and a farm hand, I have fostered and developed my passion for working alongside professionals that encourage my growth in the field of Animal Biosciences.



The focus of my current research project concentrates on screening and determining whether bacterial colonies, which have been isolated from camels, have the capacity to be used in animal probiotics. Camels retain unique gastrointestinal environments due to the extreme climates that they inhabit and as a result, my research aims to identify whether the bacteria we have isolated have stronger metabolic characteristics that can be exploited for industrial use. Through a series of experiments which test the survivability of the strains under biological conditions, we hope to determine whether or not the bacterial strains have the necessary requirements to be used as animal probiotics. 



Outside of my academic career, I enjoy playing hockey, running, spending time with my family and friends, and hiking with my dog Belle. I have also recently taken an interest in programming, and I am currently developing my skills in Perl and ACSL.