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Junhyung Lee

Position/Title: Ph.D. Candidate
email: junhyung@uoguelph.ca
Office: ANNU

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In my bachelor's degree as animal science major at Texas A&M University, the United States, I had many experiences with various animals such as bovine, poultry, and swine. Those experiences inspired me to pursue my master's degree in monogastric animal nutrition under Dr.Yooyong Kim at Seoul National University, South Korea (Title of a thesis paper: Effects of various levels of enzyme and emulsifier supplementation on growth performance, pork quality, blood profiles, and economic analysis in weaning to finishing pigs). During that master's period, I worked at the University experimental farm to learn and manage the animals for over 30 months via attending numerous projects regard to feed additives and immunology. After that, I joined the poultry projects focused on immunology, bio-availability of treated trace minerals, etc. at Kangwon National University, South Korea. However, there were the biggest queries when I treat those animals such as how my understanding and learned knowledge could be applied to the academic or industrial field under the occurrence of various infectious avian diseases? Thus, I decided to find out my query and deeper understanding of knowledge with Poultry science.

Since May 2020, I joined Dr.Elijah Kiarie's lab as a Ph.D. student at the University of Guelph. My research focuses on the effects of various levels of fatty acids source and yeast fermented product supplementation to promote lay hen pullets' health and immune system. To the growth of pullet, there are many stress factors even vaccinations and it strongly inhibits their optimal growth. Thus, the experiment will investigate the pullet's health, immune system, and intestinal development and therefore, this will help to bring healthy poultry products such as an egg.

During my free time, I like to do a workout, watching and playing soccer. After this Ph.D. degree, I hope to work in Canada or South Korea to apply and share my knowledge to promote poultry's optimal growth in the poultry industry and academia.