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Ginna Carolina Reyes

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student
Office: ANNU 229

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PhD Candidate- Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph (in course)

BSc - Animal Science, National University of Colombia, Bogota (2014)

M.S - Animal Biology, University of California Davis, California (2014)


Work experience:

Regional project data analyst, National University of Colombia (2014-2015)

Research assistant, University of California Davis, Department of Animal Science (2015-2017)



  • Dairy Farm Intern- The Ohio International Intern Program- Aurora Organic Dairy (Stratford-Texas), 2013.
  • Science and Technology Intern -The Colombian Federation of Livestock producers (FEDEGAN) July 2012.
  • Visit Scholar-Animal Science Department, Ohio State University, 2014


About me:

I am currently a PhD Candidate with Dr. John Cant in the lactation systems biology lab.  I am originally from Bogota Colombia and despite the fact that I grew up in a large city, my interest and curiosity for farm animals pointed me out to study animal science.  Later on during my undergrad years, I discovered my true passion for large animal nutrition, specifically for dairy cattle nutrition, an area I have been working on since then.  During my master's at UC Davis, I worked studying the effect of fibrolytic enzymes supplementation in dairy cows’ production and health.  I also gained further experience with mathematical modeling which is a focus of Dr. Kebreab’s lab. My time at UC Davis and my exposure to mathematical models, made me realize that models can only be as good as the data used to develop them, and even then, many such model representations fall short of representing the biological complexity of a cow.  With this in mind, I started my PhD looking to pursue a more experimental research approach to learn more about nutrient digestion and metabolism. 


My current area of research at the University of Guelph revolves around the study of insulin dynamics in nutrient partitioning in dairy cows at different lactation stages.   Through my research, I want to understand the changes in the sensitivity to insulin in the muscle, adipose, liver, and mammary gland at different lactation stages.   I am also interested in the study of the secretory capacity of the pancreatic B-cells the influence of incretins in the secretion of insulin.   The latter will allow me to understand the changes in the concentrations of circulating insulin and the dynamics of the insulin/receptor binding and the activation of the insulin cascade.