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Gerson Oliveira

Position/Title: Postdoctoral Researcher
Office: ANNU 110

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Postdoctoral researcher in Animal Breeding at the University of Guelph, with broad experience in quantitative and genomic analyses, working with large datasets and statistical software. Experience in the investigation, interpretation, and application of genetic data for the implementation and support of commercial breeding programs. I am leading a five years project that aims to analyze and compare the benefits of various strategies and novel tools for breed improvement in Canadian dairy cattle. Before taking a post at The University of Guelph, I have worked in the Innovation Department of an AI industry for almost two years. During my Ph.D. at the University of Sao Paulo – Brazil, I had the opportunity to do a one-year internship at Iowa State University – USA, under the supervision of Dr. Dorian J. Garrick. 

Academic History

  • B.Sc. Veterinary, Universidade de Uberlândia - Brazil (2010)
  • M.Sc. Animal Breeding, Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil (2011-2013)
  • Ph.D. Animal Breeding, Universidade de São Paulo - Brazil (2013-2017) 
    • Internship at Iowa State University – USA, supervised by Dr. Dorian J. Garrick.


Professional Experience 

  • Genomic Supervisor at CRV Brazil (2017-2018)
    • Responsible for the genomic database and technical decisions related to company breeding program.
    • Generate and implement innovative solutions and promote research partnership with academic groups, maintaining the company’s commanding presence in the marketplace.

Featured Publications

  • Perez, B.C.; Balieiro, J.C.C.; Carvalheiro, R.; Tirelo, F.; Oliveira Jr, G.A.; Dementshuk, J.M.; Ferraz, J.B.S.; Eler, J.P.; Ventura, R.V.. Accounting for population structure in selective cow genotyping strategies. Journal of Animal Breeding and Genetics, 2018.
  • Santana Jr, M.L.;  Eler, J.P.; Oliveira Jr, G.A.; Bignardi, A.B.; Pereira, R.J.; Ferraz, J.B.S.. Genetic variation in Nelore heifer pregnancy due to heat stress during the breeding season. Livestock Science, 2018.
  • Perez, B.C.; Balieiro, J.C.C.; Oliveira Junior, G.A.; Andrietta, L.T.; Vizoná, R.G.; Ventura, R.V.; Bruneli, F.A.T.; Peixoto, M.G.C.D.. State of inbreeding and genetic trends for estimated breeding values in IVF embryos and oocyte donors in the Brazilian Guzerá cattle. Theriogenology, 2018.
  • Oliveira Junior, G. A.; Perez, B. C.; Cole, J. B.; Santana, M. H. A.; Silveira, J.; Mazzoni, G; Ventura R. V.; Santana Junior, M. L.; Kadarmideen, H. N.; Garrick, D. J.; Ferraz, J. B. S.. Genomic study and MeSH enrichment analysis of early pregnancy rate and antral follicle numbers in Nelore heifers. Journal of Animal Science, 2017.
  • Oliveira Junior, G. A.; Chud, T. C. S.; Ventura, R. V.; Garrick, D. J.; Cole, J. B.; Munari, D. P.; Ferraz, J. B. S.; Mullart, E; DeNise, S; Smith, S; Silva, M. V. G. B.. Genotype imputation in a tropical crossbred dairy cattle population. Journal of Dairy Science, 2017.
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  • Santana, M. H. A.; Gomes, R. C.; Utsunomiya, Y. T.; Neves, H. H. R.; Novais, F. J.; Bonin, M. N.; Fukumasu, H.; Garcia, J. F.; Alexandre, P. A.; Oliveira Junior, G. A.; Coutinho, L. L.; Ferraz, J. B. S.. Short Communication Genome-wide association with residual body weight gain in Bos indicus cattle. Genetics and Molecular Research, 2015.
  • Oliveira Junior, G. A.; Eler, J. P.; Ramírez-Díaz, J.; Ferraz, J. B. S.; Santana, M. L.. Inclusion of weaning management group as a random effect in the genetic evaluation of postweaning traits in Nellore cattle. Tropical Animal Health and Production, 2014.
  • Santana, M. H. A.; Oliveira, G. A.; Gomes, R. C.; Silva, S. L.; Leme, P. R.; Stella, T. R.; Mattos, E. C.; Rossi, P.; Baldi, F. S.; Eler, J. P.; Ferraz, J. B. S.. Genetic parameter estimates for feed efficiency and dry matter intake and their association with growth and carcass traits in Nellore cattle. Livestock Science, 2014.
  • Santana, M. H. A.; Utsunomiya, Y. T.; Neves, H. H.; Gomes, R. C.; Garcia, J. F.; Fukumasu, H.; Silva, S. L.; Oliveira Junior, G. A.; Alexandre, P. A.; Leme, P. R.; Brassaloti, R. A.; Coutinho, L. L.; Lopes, T. G.; Meirelles, F. V.; Eler, J. P.; Ferraz, J. B. S.. Genome-wide association analysis of feed intake and residual feed intake in Nellore cattle. BMC Genetics, 2014.