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Aizwarya Thanabalan

Position/Title: Ph.D (Thesis) Student
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 56226
Office: ANNU 132

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I completed my undergraduate degree in Animal Biology here at the University of Guelph in 2015. I have always had an interest in the agriculture industry and how I can create economically friendly changes to improve sustainability. After taking a year off from school, I decided to pursue graduate school and joined Dr. Elijah Kiarie’s Monogastric Nutrition lab as a research assistant in October of 2016. I then became a M.Sc student and successfully defended my thesis in April 2019. This work experience strengthened my desire to be involved in animal nutrition, specifically in the poultry industry.

As the poultry industry adapts to changes pushed for by conscious consumers, alternative production strategies must be devised. My primary focus of research revolves around broiler breeders and their utilization of LinPRO. Produced domestically, LinPRO is a co-extruded product consisting of flaxseed and pulses. Flaxseed in Canada could prove to be an alternative and more sustainable source of omega- 3 fatty acids in poultry feed. The first goal of my research aimed to determine accurate energy values for this product, allowing for precise feed formulation. The subsequent diets formulated based on these energy values are currently being fed to broiler breeders in a long-term experiment to observe the effects of omega-3s on production, immune function, and hatchability. Progeny performance will also be followed until market age.  As well, Enzyme efficacy is also incorporated into my research to optimize the nutritional value of ingredients.