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Amir Alamesh

Position/Title: M.Sc. student
email: aalamesh@uoguelph.ca
Phone: 2265016033

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Hey all! My name is Amir Alamesh, and I’m a master’s student by course-work of Animal Biosciences program with specialization in animal breeding and genetics. My advisor is Dr. Flavio Scenkel, whose main research focus is on animal breeding and animal quantitative genetics. Currently I’m in my first semester of master’s studies, and my goal is to conduct my final research project on the difference between the gut microbiome of wild animals and livestock to discover the environmental factors effect. After completion of my master’s studies my goal is to find a career in animal nutrition industry. One of the main reasons that I picked this particular program for my master’s is because of my inherent fascination about animals and the interconnectedness between them and their environment. Furthermore, it is also necessary to study animal biosciences since without animals such as the livestock, we are not able to provide much of our food and the dairy products. Additionally, it is of essential importance to better understand the relationship between animals and the environment surrounding them, since their survival has become a critical issue due to many environmental concerns such as the climate change.

my advisor: https://animalbiosciences.uoguelph.ca/abscpeople/schenkel