2021 Research Contest

Congratulations to the winners of this year's edition the ABSc GSC Creative Expression of Research Contest. 

The top creative submissions as decided by YOUR VOTES are:

  • 1st place - Ivan Campos with the infographic submission "Breeding Dairy Cattle for Climate Change"
  • 2nd place - Esther Chen with the illustration "Prediction of Beef Cattle Body Weight Based on Morphometric Measurements Extracted from 2D Images".

A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated and voted in this year's competition. We are certainly a CREATIVE Department with tons of INTERESTING RESEARCH going on!

You can view all the amazing submissions below!

The overall winner of the competition was Ivan Campos with runner-up Esther Chan. Congratulations!

The ABSc GSC would also like to thank everyone who participated and voted in the ABSc GSC Creative Expression of Research Contest! You can also find all of the submissions as well as more info about the ABSc GSC at www.facebook.com/abscgradstudents.