Bio-Resource Management / Equine Management

Increasingly, communities in Canada and around the world are seeking effective, natural resource-based solutions to meet a variety of social and environmental needs. The Bachelor of Bio-Resource Management (BBRM) program, developed in cooperation with government and industry partners, gives you the advantage in securing leadership roles in biological resource-based industries.

Bachelor of Science Agriculture - Animal Science

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture

Guelph is known internationally as the premier centre for life sciences education and research in agriculture, food, rural communities and the environment. It is the only university in Ontario to offer a science degree in agriculture.

Bachelor of Science - Animal Biology

Bachelor of Science

The Science of Life. From modelling patterns in entire ecological systems to defining atomic behaviour, scientists use analytical procedures, critical thinking abilities, and a drive to problem-solve to ultimately contribute to our understanding of the world.

PhD Qualifying Exams

When should they happen?
The Graduate Calendar says that QEs should occur “as early as possible and in no case later than the final semester of the minimum duration requirement”. For almost everyone, this means by the end of the 5th semester. (However, if later works better for the student or their examining committee, the system is quite forgiving).  


Qualifying Exams

Qualifying Exams (Ph.D candidates)

General information & regulations found in this page of the Graduate Calendar.

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Proceedings (on the day of)


Defences (by-thesis M.Sc/Ph.D candidates)

This is a brief synopsis of the role of the chair in a typical Ph.D defence in ABSc, but it should be useful to all participants (last updated August 25, 2016).

Before the Day of the Defence

Social Activities

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