ABSc Graduate Studies

Are you a new graduate student here at Animal Biosciences? Please visit the Introduction page to get acquainted with your department..

Welcome! Below are resources within the University of Guelph to help you make the most out of your graduate degree at the Department of Animal Biosciences. Many of the links are specific to this department for more personalized assistance.

The Current Students section in the Office of Graduate Studies website offers most of the general information that will be covered below. It would be worth visiting their page if you wish for a quicker access to certain resources.

The University of Guelph is committed to creating a barrier-free, accessible environment for all students. We accommodate all students with identified disabilities when it comes to academic learning - for more information on accessibility and what the University can offer you as accommodation, please visit the Student Accessibility Services webpage.

This page is under beta phase: it is currently under construction and is updated frequently. If there are any missing information, broken links or information worth including in any of the above four major themes, please contact Stephanie Lam by email. Thank you.