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Carolyn Aboujaoude Santos

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student
Office: ANNU 043

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A Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine by the Federal University of Uberlandia, Brazil (2012), a M.Sc. in Genetics and Animal Breeding by the State University of Sao Paulo (UNESP), Brazil (2015) and a passion for animals ever since I can remember.

I am currently a PhD student in animal physiology under Dr. Eduardo Ribeiro’s supervision. Our research group is currently conducting an experiment at the Elora Dairy Farm, where 240 dairy cows will be evaluated in many aspects, using 2 different feeding treatments.

My research is focused on rumen physiology and metagenomics of dairy cattle. The main objectives are: to associate metagenomics of rumen microbiome with feed intake and feed efficiency; and to evaluate the impact of supplemental trace minerals source (organic or inorganic) on rumen microbiome and physiology. This experiment will evaluate whether organic trace minerals have any benefits to rumen physiology, and will investigate which microbial communities are more beneficial to feed intake, metabolism, and production. Feed intake in transition period and feed efficiency during lactation are two important characteristics in dairy cattle production and the industry is constantly looking for ways to improve these.  We hope to identify rumen microbiome signatures associated with these important traits, and to develop novel strategies to optimize rumen physiology, dairy cow health and performance.

After my PhD, I am hoping to pursue a career in the livestock industry. When I am not in my office or at the farm, I love spending time with my baby girl and family.