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Ryan Laforest

Position/Title: M.Sc. (Thesis) Student
email: rlafores@uoguelph.ca
Office: ANNU 220

M.Sc. by thesis student with Dr. John Cant.

I started at Guelph in 2011 when I began my undergraduate degree in Zoology. Near the end of my program, I began working with professor John Cant as a summer student and work-study student. I also completed an undergraduate research project with him in my 4th year. During my 4th year I volunteered for a 1st year biology seminar to learn about TA positions and how to lead a seminar. After graduating in the summer of 2015 I began my master's degree by thesis with John in Fall 2015. Since then I have been a teaching assistant for ANSC*3120 - Animal Nutrition and ANSC*4470 - Animal Metabolism.