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Nicole Moran

Position/Title: M.Sc. (Thesis) Student
Phone: 4165785721
Office: N/A (please email for appointment)


I completed my BSc. Honours in Animal Biology at the University of Guelph in April 2018. However, my thirst for knowledge was not yet quenched; to honour my passion for learning, I continued my education by starting my MSc. under the supervision of Dr. Niel Karrow. 

Antimicrobial resistance to vaccines occurs when microbes are able to resist the medications that were once effective in managing said microbes. In recent years, antimicrobial resistance has become a growing concern both in the agriculture industry and in the human health sciences. Examples of antimicrobial resistant bacteria include Salmonella Dublin, influenza virus, and Staphylococcus Aureus. My research focuses on alternative methods of treating the infections caused by these organisms such as phytochemicals that utilize the neuroendocrine immune system. Using zebrafish (Danio rerio) as a model organism, we will be giving our experimental animals one of three chosen phytochemicals, then challenging with classic MAMPs. This information will then be used to develop alternative methods to prophylactic vaccination in both aquaculture species and other agricultural animals. 

After the completion of this project, I hope to continue in academia and start my PhD studies. When I am not working on my studies, I am often in the gym, getting active with my furry friends, or cooking up a storm!