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Madeline Collins

Position/Title: M.Sc. (Coursework) Student

I graduated from the Animal Biology program at the University of Guelph in 2017, where I was able to explore my passion for science pertaining to animals. During my undergraduate education, I was highly involved in extracurricular activities such as the animal welfare judging team and the poultry club. In addition to my animal-related activities, I was also a student-athlete, internationally representing our university as a gryphon cheerleader. 

Since completing undergrad, I have furthered my passion for animal nutrition by pursuing a Master’s degree in Beef Cattle Nutrition under the direction of Professor Wood. My thesis project will utilize a confinement feeding strategy to assess the effects of different protein levels and methionine supplementation on the cows’ performance. Methionine has been found to improve nitrogen retention in late pregnancy and may be the first limiting amino acid during this phase of pregnancy for beef cows. The beef cattle industry would benefit If it can be proven that target feeding methionine in addition to a low protein diet satisfies requirements. It could do so by sparing the expense of additional protein and the environmental impact of nitrogen produced by the animal via feces and urine. After completion of this project, I intend on continuing research in the field of ruminant nutrition either as a nutritionist or continuing my education into a Ph.D. program.