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Stephanie Kamalanathan

Position/Title: MSc Student
email: kamalans@uoguelph.ca

Advisors: Dr. Filippo Miglior and Dr. Christine Baes

I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Animal Biology from the University of Guelph and found an interest in dairy cattle after volunteering at the Elora Dairy Research Centre and further working at a commercial dairy barn  this then lead to pursuing a masters in dairy cattle genetics.
My Msc focus will be part of the Dairy Cluster project which will be designing a genome reference population in order to increase reliability of genomic evaluation for low heritable traits such as, fertility.
The objectives of this project will be 
to have a larger female reference population, and other traits of interest (ex. hoof health), and other novel traits that may come up (ex. Feed efficiency) to then using this data for assessing what is increasing in genomic evaluation (single step) for a series of traits for this industry. By having a larger reference population this means we can look deeper into genetic markers and inputting to sequence and look at genomic areas of interest – identifying SNPs, gene expression, structural variance, incorporating biological information to predict phenotypes.