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Francesca Malchiodi

Position/Title: Research Associate
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 58980
Office: ANNU 110A

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Working on genetic and genomic analysis of hoof lesions in Canadian Holsteins under the supervision of Dr. Filippo Miglior


• Ph.D. in Animal Science (2011-2014) - 
PhD School of Animal and Food Science, Department of Agronomy Food Natural resources Animals end Environment (DAFNAE) University of Padova Thesis: Fertility, milk production and technological properties of milk of 2 and 3-way crossbred cows compared with pure Holstein Advisor: Prof. Giovanni Bittante

• M.Sc. in Animal Science (2009-2010)
 - University of Padova Thesis: Prediction models for the evaluation of non-coagulating milks of dairy cows Advisor: Prof. Paolo Carnier

• B.Sc. in Animal Science (2006-2009) - University of Padova Thesis: Characterization of dairy production systems in the province of Trento Advisor: Prof. Enrico Sturaro