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Ben Wood

Position/Title: Adjunct Professor

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Dr. Ben Wood maintains an Adjunct position while working as a geneticist for Hybrid Turkeys, a major primary turkey breeder located in Ontario. Dr. Wood’s research is industry driven and looks to enhance the level of research in quantitative genetics and breeding of commercial turkeys. The focus of his research is improving the competitiveness of farmers and the turkey industry as a whole, both in Canada and internationally. Consequently, the emphasis of his research has been on factors that have a major effect on profitability including: - New measures and models for feed efficiency - Factors affecting egg production - Methods to improve breast meat yield and meat quality. Other areas of research include: - Methods to measure and improve livability - Methods to measure pecking and mitigate aggression and also social effects models in turkeys - Methods to define and mitigate GHG emissions in turkeys. External responsibilities include managing research projects at a number of universities and government research bodies, sourcing research funds and the supervision of graduate students at the university conducting research supported by Hybrid and Hendrix Genetics. Previous to this role he was a veterinarian in mixed practice in both Australia and the United Kingdom.