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Lucas Alcantara

Position/Title: Ph.D. Student
Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext. 53786
Office: ANNU 020

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Bachelor in Biotechnology, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (2015)

Dissertation title: "Thermochemical and surface analysis of lodgepole pine bark biodegradation by Pleurotus ostreatus under submerged fermentation" - Advisor: Dr. Patricia Leal

Exchange student at the University of Toronto, Canada - Brazil-Canada Science Without Borders Program (2013)

Co-op student at the Advanced Forest Biomaterials Laboratory, University of Toronto (2013) - Advisor: Dr. Ning Yan

Master in Biosciences, Federal University of Bahia, Brazil (2017)

Dissertation title: "Screening of lignocellulolytic genes through metagenomic analysis of the microbial genomes of the rumen: a biorefinery approach" - Advisor: Dr. Andrea Ferreira, Co-Advisor: Dr. Leandro Freitas

Diploma in Biotechnology, Centennial College, Toronto (2018)

Visiting student at the University of Guelph, Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (2018) - Advisor Dr. Flávio Schenkel

Co-op student at Semex Alliance, Guelph, Genomics Research & Innovations (2018) - Advisor Dr. Mehdi Sargolzaei

Ph.D. Student in Animal Biosciences, University of Guelph, Centre for Genetic Improvement of Livestock (Current)

Project: "Understanding the impact of cutting-edge genomic technologies and novel phenotypes on breeding strategies for optimum sustainable genetic progress in Canadian dairy cattle" - Advisors Dr. Flávio Schenkel/Dr. Christine Baes