Aquaculture Centre

Aquaculture Centre
Aquaculture Centre The Aquaculture Centre provides Ontario aquaculture information to industry participants and frequently to the general public. Technology transfer and information are conveyed through regular workshops, seminars, factsheets, and applied training programs. In addition to information dissemination the AC assists with government liaison, and trouble shoots a wide variety of non-diagnostic problems confronted by farmers.

The Aquaculture Centre (AC) offers a wide array of services from farmer training to government liaison. The extension program has serviced literally thousands of clientele throughout the province and across Canada over the last several years. Most provincial and federal government agencies utilize our services, and commercial farmers can access a broad range of help programs, often free of charge. Although our primary mandate is to aid practicing farmers, we also deal with individuals and corporations who are examining technical or investment opportunities in aquaculture in Ontario. As part of extension outreach, our staff have also contributed to a wide range of expert industry and government committees which deal with contemporary issues like pathogen control, fish health legislation, policy development initiatives regarding waste management, species for culture, pharmaceutical usage, education training programs, product quality control and performance measures to name a few.
Aquaculture Centre Factsheets
In an effort to keep fish farmers abreast of current developments, the AC produces factsheets, for distribution to industry each year. These factsheets attempt to address contemporary issues such as current legislative requirements, fish health problems, or mapping the performance and output of the industry over the last year. In general, these factsheets are regarded as credible and valuable sources of information by fish farmers. Most government agencies have also found them very useful to keep abreast of recent developments in the industry.

Furthering Aquaculture Understanding
When brief publications and phone liaisons are inadequate, the AC sponsors workshops for the industry. The 'Getting Started in Aquaculture' workshop is offered bimonthly and has been attended by hundreds of participants. In addition, several commercial workshops and demonstrations have been attended by people from the private farming and research communities. Some sessions have included Arctic Charr Aquaculture in Iceland, Smoked Fish Regulations, Security and Alarm Systems, Nutrition Modeling, Rapro Pin-Bone Remover Demonstration, Charr Culture in Ontario, Aquaculture and the Internet and Water Quality in Aquaculture. Find our more about our Workshops and Seminars.
Our goal is to assist the Fish Farming Industry in Ontario by:

  • Providing general information about the aquaculture industry to farmers and the public.

  • Sponsoring technical workshops and other programs for fish farmers.

  • Offering troubleshooting services for on-farm problems.

  • Publishing educational factsheets.

  • Assisting with technology transfer in concert with the Universities' aquaculture research program.

  • Acting as an advocate for the sustainable expansion of the aquaculture industry in Ontario and Canada.
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