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Aquaculture Centre

The Aquaculture Centre was established in 1990 as a collaborative venture between the University of Guelph and the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs. It coordinates a variety of research, extension and educational activities, including the Aquaculture Centre and the Alma Aquaculture Research Station. The Aquaculture Centre cooperates with Provincial and National aquaculture institutions and associations to facilitate information and technology transfer to the private sector. Educational activities include a non-thesis graduate degree program, and a variety of technical training workshops for farmers as well as 'Certificate' training programs for either novices or fisheries professionals.
Aquaculture Centre
Aquaculture CentreThe Aquaculture Centre provides Ontario aquaculture information to industry participants and frequently to the general public. Technology transfer and information are conveyed through regular workshops, seminars, fact sheets, and applied training programs. In addition to information dissemination the AC assists with government liaison, and trouble-shoots a wide variety of non-diagnostic problems confronted by farmers. Read More
Alma Aquaculture Research Station
AARSThe Alma Aquaculture Research Station (AARS) is a state-of-the-art aquaculture research and development facility which became fully operational in April of 1993. The facility is the backbone of the Fish Production Research Program providing up-scale systems for aquaculture researchers at the University of Guelph and other institutions. The AARS has supported over 170 research projects since its inception. The quarantine unit has successfully introduced Atlantic salmon and Arctic charr and new strains of spring-spawning rainbow trout to the Ontario aquaculture industry. In concert with the Aquaculture Centre, various education and training programs have been developed at the graduate, undergraduate, college, and high-school level and have been very well received. Read More
Aquaculture Education
EducationOpportunities for graduate studies in aquaculture include PhD and MSc research programs. Additional educational training includes certificate training for fisheries professionals, technical workshops for farmers and opportunities for university co-op, high school and college students. Read More
Aquaculture Research
ResearchA wide variety of aquaculture research areas are being addressed. These include nutrition, health, growth physiology, reproductive physiology, breeding and genetics, fish behavior and welfare, re-circulation technology and waste management. Read More
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