In the arterial system of poultry, the aorta swings to the right side of the body after leaving the heart (Figure 1-10-1). The arteries to the head are the common carotids (Figure 1-10-2) which divide into external (Figure 1-10-3) and internal (Figure 1-10-4) branches. The shoulder and wing are supplied by the brachial (Figure 1-10-5), the large flight muscles covering the sternum by the pectoral (Figure 1-10-6), and the ribs by the subclavian (Figure 1-10-7). The first visceral branch of the aorta is the coeliac (Figure 1-10-8) to the proventriculus, gizzard, spleen, liver, and pancreas. The anterior mesenteric (Figure 1-10-9) supplies the intestine. After the renals (Figure 1-10-10) to the kidneys are two major pairs of arteries to the leg, the external iliacs (Figure 1-10-11) and sciatics (Figure 1-10-12). The intestine also is supplied from the posterior mesenteric (Figure 1-10-13). The internal iliacs (Figure 1-10-14) and caudal (Figure 1-10-15) supply the cloaca and tail, respectively.