6 Innervation of muscle

One of our final objectives is to explain what regulates muscle growth and meat quality in our farm animals. But we need to introduce a number of topics - all of which are involved together.  Meat is composed of myofibres (muscle fibres). Myofibres come in a variety of types - differing in their pattern of growth and contribution to meat quality. Myofibre types are controlled by - yes, you guessed correctly -  the nervous system.  In the short term - second by second - the nervous system controls muscle contraction.  In the long term - week by week - the nervous system controls how fast a myofibre contracts and how it obtains energy for contraction.  Control by the nervous system is - innervation

6.1 Motor neurons

A transverse section through the spinal cord.

6.2 Schwann cells & myelin sheaths

6.3 Nerves

6.4  Motor unit

6.5 Neuromuscular junctions

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Structure and Development of Meat Animals and Poultry. Chapter 6.