LAB 4.4  Spleen & respiratory system


respiratory system

 The lung is the red tissue in the image above.

The lungs of poultry are usually removed with a suction tube during commercial slaughter procedures whereas, in meat animals, the lungs are removed together with the trachea, bronchi and heart, as plucks.

The extensive system of air sacs in poultry extends between many of the viscera and even into certain bones.

Air sacs have extremely thin walls and, when poultry are dissected, they should be identified while the viscera are in a relatively undisturbed condition.

1. Trachea.  

2. Syrinx (vocal organ at base of trachea)

3. Bronchus

4. Secondary bronchus

5. Air sac

6. Recurrent bronchus

7. Tertiary bronchus

8. Gas exchange of moving air

9. Lungs relatively small and located dorsally

10. Atrium instead of alveolus