LAB 4.3 Reproductive system - cock

male poultry diagram

In male poultry, the testes remain in their original position near the kidneys, and a highly coiled vas deferens links each testis separately to the urodeum of the cloaca.

1. Testis. An organ composed of an enormous length of tube where spermatozoa are formed.

2. Epididymis. Tubular structure where spermatozoa mature.

3. Vas deferens. Tube conveying spermatozoa to the cloaca.

4. Papilla. Small protrusion where the vas deferens opens into the cloaca.

5. Urodaeum of cloaca. Part of the cloaca where excretory system opens.

6. Ureter. Paired tubes opening directly from the kidneys into the cloaca.