LAB 3.5 Break Joints & Evisceration


Decapitation - at skull:atlas joint (atlas = first cervical vertebra).

Remove feet at break joint (distal metacarpal epiphysis or knob of cannon bone). With older sheep, the slaughterer cannot cut through the cartilage between the epiphysis and diaphysis (ie. between knob and shaft at the lower or distal end of the long cannon bone), so the cut is made through the joint between the cannon bone and the digits. This leaves the condyles (spools) easily visible on the carcass.

Carcass suspension by gambrel under Achilles tendons

Slit sternum & free oesophagus

Bunging - freeing the anus

Remove penis or mammary tissue

Remove intestine, rumen, liver, and then cut through diaphragm to get the plucks (heart, lungs and trachea).

Kidneys stay on carcass but are exposed for inspection.

Bend back metacarpals against front shank to improve shoulder shape.